Old Fashioned Olive Soap


LA CASTILLA [The Queen of Soap]
أفضل الصابون

It’s FREE from Fragrance and pure Olive Soap!
It’s 100% good soap for pilgrim travel or Hajj, why?
because there’s no more chemical left. Safe for Janabat, Hajj and Umrah trip!

Crafted with 80% Refined Olive Oil!

way to use La Castilla:
– Facial Wash
– Body Wash
– Mild Shampoo
– Hand Wash
— also possible for:
– Baby Laundry (when Castilla used as a laundry soap results in extra soft, fluffy towels and diapers, and is less likely to irritate a baby’s sensitive bottom because it does not leave a chemical residue in the diapers)

– Pet Cleaner (it’s gentle enough to use when you give your cat a bath and is less likely to irritate their skin or cause toxicity problems for the pet if they groom themselves after the bath)

Please noted that this bar will not produce voluminous drifts of lather, so you can use this mildest soap for your diamond cleaner (actually the suds)!


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