Bath & Burning Oil

Bath and Burning Oil

all come with more than 50 scents for your cozy & comfy room
* use as simmering oil for potpourri
* to be added on burning pot with an addition of equal mineral water (i.e.: 4ml oil + 4ml water)
* to be used as bath oil as your bath rinse for a lovely smooth skin fragrant
—Retail Price:
Rp 35000 in 30ml glass bottle

scents available:
more than 50 different scents and vibes
Old Bali Wine, Michellia Matcha, Wild Orchid, White Rose, Freeze Roses, Exotic Mimusops, Peppermint Herbs, African Mango, Refreshing Lemon, Apple Blossom, Banana Boat, Green Tea Buds, Blackcurrant, Cananga Odorata, Vanilla Cinnamon, Fresh Citronella, Citrus Bergamot, Honey Dew, Forest Basil, Forest Fraise, Kishu Tangerine, Lemongrass Tea, Wild lily, Uplifting Orange, Patchouli Bush, Prunes Persica, Piper Betel, Tuberose Agave, Wild Berries, Blooming Fennel, Himalaya Forest, Musk Deer, and blend by request!

100% ALCOHOL FREE! & Ecologically Friendly Ingredients!
It’s time for hot tea, warm sweaters and hot baths. another fun bathe with a tub of piping hot water

Coconut Oil, Grape Oil, Diluted Essential Oil and IFRA Certified Fragrance Oil

SAFE for our Earth, Lung, Respiratory System and Your Lovely Skin!

Free from Parabens & Emulsifier!


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